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[Revision 5 -/- 2022-04-29]

If I purchase a license, will I have to uninstall the trial version and then install the licensed version?
No. What you downloaded and are currently evaluating is the full product. But the included license certificate file is only valid for 60 days. When you purchase a license, you'll receive a new license certificate file. You must then copy this new license certificate file into the directory <InstallDir>\Data\Configuration\Licenses. The new license certificate file will be automatically detected. There's no need to restart anything or to reinstall the product.
How does DisclaimIt handle encrypted or signed messages?
DisclaimIt will not modify messages which are encrypted or signed. Based on your configuration, such messages will be either ignored (send as-is), rejected or wrapped as attachment into new messages.
Does DisclaimIt support messages sent from Outlook Web Access (OWA)?
Yes. DisclaimIt can process messages sent from all kinds of MS Exchange clients: Outlook, OWA, Outlook Express or other POP3/IMAP4 clients.
Will messages processed by DisclaimIt show up in the user's Sent Items?
No. Text is added by DisclaimIt to messages while the message is in transit. The original messages in the user's Sent Items folder are not modified.
How can I configure DisclaimIt to insert blank lines between the original message text and the text to add?
In the plain text and rich text of your text module, just insert empty lines at top before your text. In the HTML text, use HTML formatting tags (e.g. <P>, <BR>) to achieve the desired spacing.
How can I change the font of the disclaimer text?
It depends:
  • For rich-text messages: The formatting of your rich text is preserved.
  • For plain text messages: You can't specify the font for the plain text because plain text message doesn't support any kind of formatting - except line breaks.
  • For HTML messages: Use CSS attributes in your HTML source code to specify the font to use.
How can I migrate the configuration from the current server to a new one?
  • Install DisclaimIt on the new server.
  • Copy the content of the directory <InstallDir>\Data\Configuration from the old server to the new server.